Social Contribution

Our Promise

We will from now on support different sustainable and social projects with each of our sales. We will always try to clearly demonstrate the transparency of the donated money in order to ensure that it is used for the intended purpose. For the coming months we are working with two very special organisations.

For every item sold we are using 4€ to buy ethical produced footballs manufactured in Africa and send them to school projects in Africa. We believe that sport is a gift that connects and educates.

That’s why we will donate the Alive and Kicking footballs to Probono so the kids will have access to sport and have fun doing it.

NGO Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking is the world‘s only not-for-profit ball manufacturer. Their production sites across sub-Saharan Africa create over 1000 ethical jobs for adults facing disadvantages. Profits from balls sales and additional fundraising give young people access to sport and health education through A&K ball donations and the delivery of effective sport based health programmes.

85% of the employees of Alive and Kicking have gone onto education, training or employment and 90% of their employees have never had formal work before Alive and Kicking. Furthermore over 1000 teachers and sports coaches were trained to deliver health and wellbeing education.

NGO Probono

Probono is a non-profit and charitable organization from Germany. They have 15 years of experience building schools in East Africa. With a lot of passion, they created an inspiring organization to help educate children in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenia. Probono also promotes the partnership between german and african schools. Their aim is to improve learning conditions and educational opportunities in the schools.

Furthermore the organisation supports various music, literature and theatre projects that enable pupils in Germany and Africa to work together on global topics, deepen their understanding of foreign culture and lead to joint German-African performances.

Our Story

Idea & Team

Born on a journey among four lifelong friends, Çava was conceived while hiking the trails around Passau, talking amongst ourselves about our different ideas of the perfect clothing. Although we each come from different backgrounds and different tastes, our visions were united around certain core ideals.

Creativity, quality, sustainability and unique designs.
But that wasn´t enough.  

We also share the passion for travel and from these experiences we all knew the importances of understanding the story of where these products come from –  The journey is as important as the destination – knowing the conditions of the workers and the source of our materials along every step of production was as important to us as the product itself.


In a world of fashion that is here today and gone tomorrow, we are driven by the idea that sustainability means not only materials that come from nature and leave no scar on the earth, it also means choosing materials that last, and designing with quality. The world does not need any more garbage.

Working with the passionate and endlessly creative Mau Esser, our creative energy found a focus and allowed us to innovate designs and resonant images with a deeper connection. The core of our design principles to make something you will want to wear every day.

Sustainability & FairWear

Çava is a project driven by passion, not profits. Our designs are not and never will be mass produced, our scale is aimed carefully to ensure only ethical practices, fair wages, real quality materials and products that stand out from the rest.